Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19, 2007 RAFT

My spring break was awesome, I went to Mesa and Yuma in Arizona. While I was out there we went swimming most of the time out in the 90 degree weather. We also went to a big water park where I met a couple HOTT guys out there! :)))) I also met my baby cousin for the first time while visiting my aunt and uncle. She was the cutest thing ever, she always smiled. My aunt took me horseback riding with her horses in the desert. The last couple of days we stayed there I just laid out and soaked up the sun and can't wait to come back.

For third trimester my goal is to get my grade higher than last tri. Also I think that getting a lot of homework each night like vocabulary is stupid. There's other things that teenagers are involved in too. We don't just sit around and watch t.v. or other things. We ARE involved in sports so that takes up time too.