Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

1. State the problem
We have too many students in classrooms at Tartan High.
2. Give Evidence
Students are sitting on the floors. Teachers are also putting couches in clasrooms for the students to sit on. Also students don't get very much one-on-one time with the teachers during class.
3. Examine Contributing factors
The school district is too big and too many students are being brought in from outside school district boundaries. There's not as many teachers which means that they have to increase their classroom size.
4. Propose A Solution
We need to lower the number of students in the classroom, which is essential to the students success.

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Bigblogger16 said...

Well I like what u choose as your problem but the only part I didn't like was your solution it was a little short. Tony M "The Big Guy"