Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mount Everest

Stating the Problem:
Climbing at an altitude of 29,028 feet on Mount EVerest can be very dangerous and can even be deadly.

Give Evidence:
More than 4,000 have sought its Pennacile, 660 have succeeded and 142 have died trying. the spring of May 1997, a record of 12 lives, eight alone on one day. One of every 30 climbers who attemps to summit dies on the way, and one of every 4 climbers who makes it to the top doesn't make it down. Danger is apparent when climbing on steep rocks, but when on Mount Everest, it's out of your control. Many of almost 200 climbers have died on Everest in the last half-century.

Contributing Factors:
-When climbing Mount Everest, wind chills can be triple-digited, blizzards can be unexpected, you can come up upon mile-deep crevasses, and avalanches occur.
- You can develop Pulmonary Eduma, fatal mountain sickness or Cerebral Edema. Also you could get hypothermia, exhaustion, and/or hallucinations.
-Air is so dry that on Mount Everest it causes the water content in your bllod to drop 50% to 15%, which then makes your body prone to frostbite.
-Can lose brain cells when going up that high of an altitude and you will never be able to gain them back.

Possible Solution:
You need to be an experienced climber on higher altitude mountains and have the right equipment to climb Mount Everest. If your going to climb Mt. Everest, you need to know what the warning signs are and are capable of making the right decision on whether you need to turn around or not.


Alexis said...

So Amanda you live in Hawaii now! Well then I live in Mexico! hahaha!
You did a good job with detail evidence. Climbing Mt Everest is really dangerous!
I luv you! Bye!


Alexis said...

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